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Women In Sport, Western Bulldogs  

Katie Brennan, Captain of the Western Bulldogs




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Questions and Answers

Is there something that you have learnt last season that will improve your performance this year?

Listening to my body and knowing how far to push it.


Who is the first person who comes to mind when you want to share your wins? 

Everyone in my inner circle particularly my dad.


Do you have a quirk or ritual you go through before competing?

Always strapping my left ankle before my right.


What are 2 highlights for you during your off season?

Laying for hours on end in Bali by the pool and catching up with family and friends back home.


When a game isn't going your way

I'm really big on having a growth mindset, and that you can always be doing something out on the field, even if you're not getting possession of the footy, using your voice, bringing other people into the game, supporting your team mates. 

Katie Brennan