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Ellyse Perry captain of the Sydney Sixers


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What's it like meeting fans after a game?

It’s always a lovely feeling to come off the field and there’s plenty of fans waiting to meet us, to know that they have enjoyed what you have done out on the pitch is just awesome

What's your pre-game routine?

Eat, stretch and listen to music


Do you have a quirk or ritual you go through before competing?

I have a few, I don’t like changing the gear I use until I absolutely have to


Is there something that you have learnt last season that will improve your performance this year? 
I think you learn new things every season that mean you evolve from each season. I’ve certainly been learning a lot captaining the Sixers, and I think that’s changed the way I approach my role in any team


How do you calm your nerves during a game?

3 deep breaths, close my eyes, focus on myself, it slows everything down and stops the moment


When a game isn’t going your way?

I like the challenge and being able to fight back

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Emily Leys Sydney Sixers All Rounder

Emily Leys

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What do you love about your sport?

Cricket is such a complicated tactical and mental game and has such highs and lows and going through the challenge of that and sharing it with the team is something I really enjoy. 

Who's your inspiration at the moment?

I’ve always admired Serena Williams, she obviously amazingly athletic but mentally must be completely on top of things, to be so good for so long is unbelievable.


What are your top 3 health and beauty essentials on and off the field/court?

Off eg. BB cream, self tan, mascara

On eg. Voltaren, band aids, sunscreen

What are 2 highlights for you during your off season? 

Actually had some really cool family stuff happen, I got a new baby niece and My brother got married! Which were both a lot of fun!


Lauren Smith Sydney Sixers Bowler


Lauren Smith Sydney Sixers

Lauren Smith Fun Facts


What would your team mates say about you?

Competitive, loud mouth and cheeky.


Who is the person how has had the biggest impact on helping you achieve your goals so far?

My family have been there from the start and have been the one constant throughout my career which has helped me get to where I am today.


What is an interesting fact about you that would surprise people?

I’m a boogie boarding champion!


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