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Natalie Von Bertouch Priceline Pharmacy Nutritionist  
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Questions and Answers

What do you love about your job? 

As a dietitian I love being able to share my knowledge and experience to educate, inspire and support others to lead healthy, happy lives. Whether that be helping people to eat well and be active to achieve their personal goals or helping sportspeople to achieve their performance goals, the thing I love the best is working with people to achieve something great. As a new mum I am also very passionate about nutrition in pregnancy, post natal nutrition and nutrition for kids.


Who's your inspiration at the moment?

My two girls - Maddie and Milla are actually my inspiration at the moment. The online world we now live in is wonderful in so many ways but can create a false perception of what is healthy, particularly in terms of diet and body image. I worry for my girls growing up with this pressure to be 'perfect' and so they are driving me to use my nutrition skills to share honest and evidence based information that will help parents and kids understand what healthy eating actually is, and how to support ourselves and our kids to be happy and healthy.


Top 3 beauty essentials?

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam - Dark. I have pasty white skin so I need all the help I can get to look bronzed :)

La roche-posay toleriane Teint bronzing powder

Triology very gentle moisturising cream



Natalie Von Bertouch