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Grassroots Sports Sponsorships



Grassroots Sports Sponsorship -
Supporting Local Women In Sport


Available until 30th April 2018, Priceline Pharmacy is accepting applications for local & community sports clubs to apply for sponsorship - straight from their local franchise store!

This year we are 100% committed to changing the game.








Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply on behalf of my sports club?


To apply, please speak with your local franchised Priceline or Priceline Pharmacy to discuss which level of sponsorship they would be interested in contributing to your club. Once both parties have agreed on a sponsorship amount, please obtain a copy of the Priceline Pharmacy Grassroots Sports Sponsorship application and fill this out with the store owner for your selected store.

The application form constitutes a binding agreement between Priceline Pty Ltd, the franchised store and your sports club. The application for sponsorship must be submitted by your selected store to Priceline Pty Ltd for assessment before the 30th April 2018. Any applications submitted after this date will be ineligible, and will not be considered for sponsorship.


What are the approved sporting clubs for the Grassroots Sports Sponsorship?
Any women’s participation sports club or community organisation that operates and supports sporting activities within Australia, with a valid registered Australian Business Number (ABN) will be eligible for a Priceline Pharmacy Grassroots Sports Sponsorship. Please see the approved list of sporting clubs:


Approved Women's Sporting Clubs-

Ball Sports

Approved Women's Sporting Clubs-

Non Ball Sports

Mixed Clubs available- Seniors 

and Juniors


Baseball & Softball






Rugby (League & Union)






Swimming & Diving

Surf Life Saving Clubs


Seniors – participants 55 years old and over

Gold Clubs (seniors)

Lawn Bowls Clubs (seniors)

Tennis Clubs (seniors)


Junior – participants 12 years old and younger

Mixed participation clubs and associations

for juniors decided case by case


What if I belong to a local sports club that is not in the approved sports table?

We encourage clubs within the approved criteria table to approach your local Priceline or Priceline Pharmacy store, as we consider these to be the most widely recognised women’s participation sports in Australia. Priceline Pty Ltd may consider an alternative sporting club if it considers that the franchised store, club and community could benefit from the sponsorship. However, the merits of an application and awarding of a sponsorship to an alternative club will be at the Priceline’s sole discretion and such decision will be final.


How much can my local Priceline Pharmacy contribute towards my club?


Our Franchised stores can elect to contribute an amount between $1000 and $5000 under the Priceline Pharmacy Grassroots Sports Sponsorship program.


What is the difference between a sponsorship and a grant?

Sponsorship is typically a business deal between two parties. The deal usually involves providing monetary support, in return for benefit of value such as advertising, signage, or naming rights. A grant, on the other hand, is typically provided as a gift and does not generally require anything from the recipient in return.


In this sponsorship program, the sporting club must agree with the franchisee that it will do the following:

• Actively promote the sponsoring store, for example through mentioning it in community newsletters and other marketing channels;

• Display logos and signage of the sponsoring store;

• Acknowledge the support they have received from the sponsoring store.


How will the application be assessed?

All Applications for the Priceline Pharmacy Grassroots Sports Sponsorship will be individually assessed on merit by Priceline Pty Ltd. Priceline Pty Ltd will consider the following (non-exhaustive):

• Eligibility – does your club comply with the approved criteria of sports and a registered ABN?

• The brand exposure the Priceline Pharmacy sponsoring store will receive for the partnership with your club (for example, signage, uniforms, naming rights etc);

• The connection your club has with the sponsoring franchised Priceline or Priceline Pharmacy store;

• The role that your club plays in the community;

• The impact the sponsorships will have on your club, the community, or talented individuals;

• Long-term benefits to your club with the financial assistance provided;

• Your club’s story.


I am an individual athlete; can I receive sponsorship from a Priceline Pharmacy store?


An application for an individual athlete may also be considered by the franchise Priceline Priceline store at their discretion, and will be assessed on similar eligibility criteria to sporting clubs (outlined above), but will also involve consideration of the following for an individual athlete:

• Does your sport fall in the approved criteria of sports?;

• The brand exposure the sponsoring store will receive for the partnership (for example social media presence, endorsements for the store, Priceline logo use etc);

• The connection you have with the sponsoring franchised store;

• The role you play in the community;

• The impact the sponsorship will have on you, the athlete;

• Are you, the athlete, set-up with an ABN to receive the funds?


On what grounds could my application for sponsorship be rejected?

Priceline Pty Ltd will not provide funding and will not approve applications which feature the following items:

• Recurring operational expenses;

• The repayment of debt for the club;

• Projects that have already been completed.


How long will the application process take?

The timeframe for the application process will be dependent on the date that the application is submitted to Priceline Pty Ltd by your chosen Franchised Priceline or Priceline Pharmacy store. To assist Priceline Pty Ltd to review the application, we recommend working out what level of funding the franchised store and your sporting club would like to apply for, how the money would be spent, and what projects and branding opportunities are available, as early as possible. Once the application has been submitted, it may take up to two weeks for the store to receive an approval or rejection of the application. Once they have received confirmation that the application is approved, they will be in contact with your club to proceed with the payment of the agreed sponsorship amount.


I belong to multiple sports clubs, can one store sponsor multiple clubs?

No, the Priceline Pharmacy Grassroots Sports Sponsorships may only be applied to sponsor one sports club.