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Genevieve Lacaze Australian Olympic Athlete




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Genevieve Lacaze Australian Olympic Athlete Fun Facts


Questions and Answers


What do you love about your sport? 

The challenge. Distance running would have to be the most challenging sport in the world. Any nation can do it, there is no essential equipment or ideal climate and it is the epitome of human athleticism (strength, endurance, stamina). I love that I know I am up against the absolute best athletes in the world when I race at the major championship. 


What are your top three health and beauty essentials on and off the track?

On track: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream & Palmers Coco Butter, Paw Paw Lip Balm & the Priceline perfume range

Off track: Iron tablets, Vitamin D tablets and Muscle Cream


Do you have a quirk or ritual you go through before competing? 
I eat my main meal five hours out, a double shot of coffee three hours out, braid my hair and wear pearl earrings, then do my make up and prepare for my warm up 70 mins before I compete. 
I like to wear makeup before I get on the track because it makes me feel really confident in myself, brave and it’s almost like a war paint to make me ready to go out and compete.  


What would you like to be celebrating in 2018?
A successful Commonwealth Games Campaign and to enjoy and acknowledge all the elite, strong and powerful women Australia has in sport. 





Genevieve Lacaze Australian Olympic Athlete