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Made in Italy, Solfine Crema Color uses cutting edge, innovative formulas that combine the gentlest natural ingredients with the best of technology.


Solfine Crema Colour




Solfine Crema Colour - 100% Made in Italy


Coconut oil: the cosmetic, hydrating, protective and nourishing properties of Coconut Oil contained in its formula make Crema Color gentle on scalp and hair.


Low alkalinity: due to its very low percentage of ammonia, it doesn’t overly open the hair cuticle, which, as is well known, functions as the hair’s, and consequently the colour’s, protective armour. This translates into longer lasting and more brilliant colour.


Perfect coverage of grey: the colour pigments penetrate deeper and more uniformly thanks to the particular composition of the formulation, resulting in perfect coverage of grey hair.











Solfine Shade 1N - BlackSolfine Shade 3N - Dark ChestnutSolfine Shade 4N - ChestnutSolfine Shade 5N - Light Chestnut

Solfine Shade 6N - Dark BlondeSolfine Shade 7N - Medium BlondeSolfine Shade 9N - Very Light BlondeSolfine Shade 10N - Swedish Blonde


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Solfine Crema Color Delice





Solfine Crema Color Delice - 100% Made in Italy


Also available is Solfine Crema Color Delice which effectively responds to a desire for beauty and gentleness. Ammonia and PPD-Free. Gentle hair colouring cream enriched with Natural Complex with a base of Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Yoghurt Extracts, making the cosmetic colouring treatment gentle with a silky vibrant colour result.


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