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Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift 10 mL

Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift 10 mL

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Instant eye lifting serum.

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Instant Eyelift offers instant results that last up to 8 hours.
Instant Eyelift dramatically smooths away the appearance of wrinkles, bags and puffiness in just minutes.
Product Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift 10 mL
BrandSkin Doctors
Category Eye Treatments

Directions and Ingredients

  1. Clean and dry the skin ensuring all make up and moisturisers are removed.
  2. Shake bottle slightly before use.
  3. Test the serum on your palm. If texture of the lotion is gritty, continue shaking the bottle.
  4. Place a few drops on your index finger, and in a crescent shape motion apply three strokes to form a thin layer under the eyes. The strokes should start at the inner area under the eye and move towards the hairline.
  5. Once applied look straight ahead and try not to make any facial movements such as smiling or talking for at least 2 to 3 minutes or until the serum has dried. You will feel your skin tightening and in some cases a tingling sensation that lasts 2-3 minutes.

Biocare Sa, Skin Tightener St, Sodium Silicate.

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4 October 2016

No difference

Finished the entire bottle yet did not make a difference