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Children First


Remember Trishna and Krishna? Children First Foundation helped them and since 1999 have brought more than
300 seriously ill or injured children to Australia for life-changing surgery.


The Children First Foundation believes that every child deserves the best in life, including exceptional care and pathways to a brighter future. This is possible through the support of the Priceline Sisterhood and the relationships that Children First has built with Australian hospitals, surgeons and healthcare professionals.


Find out more about the charity and their latest news over at their official website here.




Margareta's story


Margareta's story

“My name is Margareta and I live in East Timor. I am 15 years old.

A volunteer came across to East Timor from Australia and found me in an orphanage. I was only 14 then and when I was very small, about 5 years old, my spine began to grow big and caused a hump in my back. The volunteer doctor took me to a special doctor who x-rayed my back and they said they could help me.

The doctors then contacted Children First Foundation. A volunteer travelled with me on the plane to Darwin. I was in hospital for 2 weeks. It was very scary at first and everyone was really kind to me. Pat and the volunteers stayed with me all the time.

I feel so happy that I can play now and have no more pain from my twisted spine.”

- Margareta


Photo credit: Teagan Glenane Photography