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User Reviews

1 July 2018


I honestly swear by this product! It is one of the best 'drug-store' make-up removers/cleansers on the market! Even models use this stuff! It's super effective to get rid of make-up, dirt/oil and even gets rid of my built up fake-tan. It doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or irritated so it works perfect on all skin types and doesn't bother sensitive skin. I stock up on this product so I am never caught without it. I love using it and I always recommend it to everyone I can.

1 July 2018

Poor reflection of Garnier's Micellar Water

High hopes as I use the original Micellar Water by the same brand, but underwhelmed with this take on it. The wipes dry out too quickly, even when sealed, they don't seem to have enough product soaked in. Therefore when removing make-up, you have to scrub the skin so much harder, rather then the product within the wipe aiding the removal/dissolving of make-up and cleaning of the skin. The only bonus is, the product itself is gentle on the skin, and will remove excess dirt/oil.

1 July 2018

Good for short term skin hydration

I usually use this mask every two to three weeks for a bit of a hydration booster for my skin. I wouldn't recommend this for people who have oily skin, because I generally feel a greasy film after use - but this works for my dry skin perfectly. I usually apply it for double the recommended time, and then moisturise the residue into the skin and leave for a few hours. They say to use the mask more often for longer lasting results, but I think it's just the product lingering on the skin.

1 July 2018

Great Dupe for BIODERMA

I love this product, always have it handy for an extra cleanser. It is an amazing dupe for BIODERMA's version of Miceller Water - it is equally great at removing make-up and build up of dirt/oil on the skin. It works on sensitive and dry skin (like mine) without causing irritation or dryness. I recommend!