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User Reviews

15 June 2018

Perfectly fine

This polish is perfectly fine, you just have to know how to paint your nails correctly. As always I use a dedicated base coat and apply quick-dry top coat while the polish was still wet (Sally Hansen don't make one but some other brands do). It takes a standard amount of time to dry and chips at a pretty standard rate for me. What I love the most is the good price and variety in colours and finishes, they're unique compared to many other chemist polishes which just offer boring reds and pinks.

30 May 2018

Great as an eyeshadow primer

I bought this because my eyeshadow was creasing and transferring and I needed a reliable primer. This product works a treat, my eyeshadow hardly budges when I'm using it! I've also tested it a few times as a concealer, it seems to work quite well and I don't remember it creasing.

30 May 2018


This product is incredibly oily, even the plastic seal had a layer of oil when I opened it. I bought this to stop my eyeshadow from creasing and transferring, and it definitely didn't do that - if anything it made it worse. If you have oily eyelids that crease of transfer your eyeshadow then don't bother with this product.

30 May 2018

Great quick-dry top coat

This is a great product. Quick dry top coats are amazing and used by nail professionals (everyone who paints their nails should own one!), but you usually have to buy online and pay big money to ship them. I love that Essie make a good one that I can pick up in stores. The only problem with this product is that it thickens over time, and the last 10-20% of the bottle always becomes unusable because by that point it's too thick and sticky.
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