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User Reviews

24 November 2017


Cleared all my dead skin and dry lips within a day! So hydrating and lasts a long time!

24 November 2017


Practically a moisturiser for lips, is quite hydrating but doesn’t help cure cracked lips.

24 November 2017


This is such a great product! I struggled with constant dry, chapped and cracked lips for nearly a year and my usual lip balm wasn’t working at all. Was reccommended this and in a day my lips were completely fixed!

24 November 2017


This is such a good product. As I have dry skin I always worry that new face products will dry it out even more. However this product really leaves the skin feeling soft and clean and evens complexion. It does pulsate moderately on the skin but is not painful. I use a moisturiser after and it leaves my skin soft for days. It also smells amazing.
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