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21 August 2017


I love the shiny finish of this polish, but it really doesn't stay well on my nails- starts peeling within a day or two (instead of just chipping). No traditional polish stays on my fingers long- better on toes. It dries really quick, which is great.

21 August 2017

Left residue.

Not bad, but I felt like a lot of the product sat on top of my skin instead of sinking in. Didn't like the feeling of the residue. Pleasant smell, but not for me.

21 August 2017

Full matt coverage.

Full coverage and very matt with good staying power. The lightest shade is very pale- good for those with pale skin with blue undertones. I am pretty pale and often use the lightest colour foundation, but this is a bit light for me. So give it a try if you find it hard to find a light enough shade. I'd use a primer first, just because I think it would help thin it out a bit. Worth a try at the price. I will try the next shade up eventually.

21 August 2017

Good for drying acne

I wouldn't use this if you have dry skin, but if you're a bit oily or breaking out it's good for a deep clean. I often use it as a spot treatment if I feel a pimple coming. Make sure you moisturise after using though as stripping moisture from skin can increase oil production.
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