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User Reviews

3 September 2017

Beautiful dark auburn colour:

I'm really happy with this product. My hair is dark, dark brown and this colour has really taken effect! Love it! Not a dramatic change; its subtle, but just enough difference to feel a bit of excitement and change about my hair. With my dark brown hair, it has taken a deep-Auburn toned colour. It looks nice and natural (enough) with my (olive-deep) skin tone. I used two boxes, as it was my first time and because my hair is shoulder length. Good price too.

3 September 2017

Smelly goodness

Even though this smells like... uhm... a cross between rank almond nuts and fish oil, once on, it doesn't smell like anything. It has a really softening effect on my skin.

I hate the smell, but hey, at least it's more natural concoction and not pumped full of fake nasties. So, apart from the weird smell, it's good.