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User Reviews

15 March 2018

My hero

I have rosacea so my skin is very dry and easily reacts if it doesn't like something I've used- I am halfway through my second bottle with no problems- my skin is nourished, hydrated and just pink instead of red and inflamed. I dont find there to be a heavy scent- a little like olive oil- I also dont find it to be overly greasy.. It soaks in so well! Im so glad i found a facial oil i can use with no problems!

28 February 2018

Hero for Rosacea

I have rosacea and I've also just purchased my 3rd and 4th bottle of this- not one does it not react with my skin- it leaves me with perfectly hydrated, healthily glowing skin. I would recommend this to anyone and my husband was so impressed he bought a gift pack for a colleague for secret Santa!