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User Reviews

10 January 2017

Good but drying

I bought Ruffle Trim. The liquid lipstick was very drying and felt heavy on my lips. Now I wear lip balm under the lipstick and it feels lighter and more wearable.

10 January 2017

Excellent pigmentation but it bleeds

I bought HD Addiction, a little goes a long way as the formula is very pigmented. My only issue is that the colour tends to bleed off my lips after several hours. I'm still looking for a way to stop it from bleeding because it is a really good liquid lipstick.

10 January 2017

Not much pigmentation

This product is only visible on my skin when I use a much lighter concealer on my lids first, and I also have to wet the eyeshadow. Even then there are only a few shades that I can use and the others are too light.

10 January 2017

Not the best

The brush is very thin which has its pros and cons, it is easy to draw a line but it is difficult to fill in. Once applied the eyeliner dried to be very to feel tight across the eyelid, it was uncomfortable. And then the eyeliner lasted only a few hours before is started flaking off.