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User Reviews

29 May 2016

Not impressed.

I used this product for a few months but felt as though it wasn't cleansing properly, if at all. It didn't seem to "get into" my skin despite my rubbing and working it in. Felt as though it just slid off and i had terrible breakouts and dull, lifeless skin. Maybe it's just my skin type, i don't know, but i won't purchase this product again. Sorry.

29 May 2016


I had been having terrible breakouts with dull skin for months and I grabbed this exfoliator, after trying many others, with the hope it would be my saviour. And guess what? It was! This is by far the best cleanser/exfoliator i have ever used. My skin feels so soft and supple and i felt that after just one use. I will never use another exfoliator and this has made me want to try all the other Dr LeWinn products. Do yourself a big favour :)