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User Reviews

4 August 2016

Good for concealer application too!

I bought this for applying liquid foundation, but actually I love using it to apply concealer too! The bristles are great quality, and I can really pat in and smooth down my concealer well with it. Really easy to clean too - I just use shampoo and warm water, and no matter how rough I am when I wash it, the bristles still dry soft and smooth!

4 August 2016

Favourite brush

Super gentle and easy to use. Great quality bristles and great shape to achieve rosey cheeks and not stripes! My favourite brush out of all my brushes.

4 August 2016

Fantastic brush

Great brush size and quality bristles, easy to use and apply finishing powder all over the face. Love this brush.

4 August 2016

Good value

Pretty good quality for the price! You only need a little bit - don't use too much or it will make you oily, but otherwise it leaves skin smooth and make up can be applied very easily on top. Also cruelty free and vegan!
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