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1 February 2017

Cheap, Cute and Impressive.

I definitely wasn't keen on receiving this blush during a Priceline promotion but this product dispelled my doubts very quickly. 'Pink Fever' looks over-the-top and unnatural (not my go-to) in the packaging but it surprisingly blends incredibly well over my liquid foundation (beauty blender). Its cream formula also allows me to really customise the colour intensity with ease and use my fingers to pat in in when I'm in a rush. Give this bargain blush a chance!

1 February 2017

Lovely colour but a few issues

This blush is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. However, I find that it doesn't layer as well if I'm using a liquid foundation and in winter, when I lose my tan, it's too dark/burnt-looking for my half-Chinese skin tone. I'm also not a major fan of the slight shimmer to it, however I do prefer a natural make-up look. Maybe this wasn't just the product for me.

1 February 2017

Very Simple and Effective

This products delivers a good boost of moisture and is versatile as I've used it from my transition from a dry to oily-combination skin-type. It has a distinct, relaxing rose-hip scent and absorbs well. The cost is matched by the quality perfectly.

17 September 2016

Does Reduce Appearance of Fatigue

With this product, my dark circles are less pronounced and noticeable than a uni student's bags usually are . One disadvantage to this product, on the other hand, is you can not layer makeup over it! So I usually roll it on, feel its cooling/waking effects over breakfast, then wipe it off before applying primer. Or I only wear it on no make-up days. Other than that, though, it does do as advertised so I might consider repurchasing.
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