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User Reviews

9 September 2016

Dried my skin out too much

I found the Sensibio H2O made my skin feel dry and irritated. Switched to the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O. I highly recommend Bioderma products though.

9 September 2016

The best makeup remover/cleanser ever

I initially went for the Sensibio H2O due to sensitive skin however it really dried my skin out. I then tried this Hydrabio and LOVED it. I use this to take my makeup off everyday and it doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight. I also don't feel the sudden need to moisturise immediately afterwards. I really hope Bioderma produce the 500ml push pump bottle for the Hydrabio range.

9 September 2016

Amazing Product

I love the Sensibio AR cream. It keeps my sky hydrated and helps with the redness on my cheeks. A little also goes a long way. My only negative is the price is quite high for the amount of product you get (however this is the case with all Bioderma products in Australia) and the packaging could be better. I think a pump would be easier to use than the screw cap. I highly recommend this product.

9 September 2016

Love this product

This is a must have. Glides on beautifully and doesn't smudge. I love the matte finish.