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User Reviews

22 May 2017

Perfect for daily use

I've had issues with hairsprays drying out my scalp & creating dandruff when I used them daily. I bought this one as I figured argan oil would stop it drying my scalp & I have seen nothing but improvements. I use it daily to keep all my hairs in place for work. It doesn't have a strong smell, although it could be more subtle. I work in the restaurant industry & can't have any perfumes or anything so when I work I just use as little as possible & spray onto my hand first. Highly recommend

12 May 2017

Good pot not good wax

The pot was excellent, very efficient and easy, keeps the wax heated well. The wax itself, however, is a different story. Does not grip to all the hairs, leaves heaps behind and of course you can't just go straight over it. Bikini line was left a but red and bloody. Perhaps I left it on too long but the sooner I removed the wax the less effective it was... I was still in the recommended time. Maybe my skin is just too sensitive for it

12 May 2017

Very very smooth

My legs have never been smoother. Do not recommend for sensitive areas, even my underarms were a little sore afterwards. For that I suggest a disposable razor. This razor is easy to use, very smooth over the skin, and protects against nicks with little wires. Also comes with a cover and a holder for in the shower!

12 May 2017

Cheap and SHARP

Very impressed as these razors are great to use. So cheap but very very sharp, great for thick hairs in sensitive areas. Perfect for underarms etc, even faces (my boyfriend forgot his razor when we went away and I always have a spare)
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