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User Reviews

4 September 2017

No durability

Dropped within days and unfortunately the back broke off and left me with the inside bit (which I still use) however is hard to clean. Still better than my old hairbrush, and the amount of bristles really helps with knots. Probably wouldn't repurchase as I'd probably drop and break again...

4 September 2017

Only brush I need!

I own a sponge and this, and I doubt I will ever need any other base brushes for liquid foundation.
It used to leave the skin a touch streaky but my blending has definitely improved and I no longer notice. Perfect density, yet still so soft!
Haven't tried with powder foundation as of yet.

4 September 2017

Beginner friendly!

I wore winged-liner the other day which, apart from some failed attempts on my part (had to learn the right technique for my eye shape), it was the first time I had ever worn it! Received many compliments and looked exactly the same when I went to take it off.
Truly is beginner friendly!

4 September 2017


Only takes 2 coats, and has a nice wide brush for easy, streak-free application! I own cream, sheer and metallic shades, and love them all :)
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