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User Reviews

9 September 2016

Delivers on promises

I started using this not long ago and I have loved it. It's not oily, but provides a great level of moisture. Will be buying again for sure

9 September 2016

Brilliant product

Switched to this product from the sensitive range and have absolutely loved it! Felt the change in my skin almost immediately. Only downside is the smell, it's a bit odd. Will be buying again for sure!

26 November 2015

Smooth & Fragrance Free

I quite liked this product. I found it to be smooth and the absence of fragrance was pleasant. It was quite moisturizing. One negative however was that it did wear off after about 45 minutes. It has become on of my favorites and I always keep it close by to reapply

26 November 2015

Bronze Glow - Excellent

I love that the palette of colours provides a really finished look. It is a simple touch that can make a big impact. Will buy this one again!
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