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User Reviews

21 March 2016

this stuff is good :)

good coverage and never ever creases. my go to concealer for undereye . the only problem is that it is never stocked in pricelines near me. that should say something!

21 March 2016

light and creamy, but doesnt do anything?

like it says its light and creamy. but i dont see any effect from it and the salicylic acid. smells amazing though. still on the hunt for good skincare

21 March 2016

worth the hype

it takes the day off:) i wouldnt use this for waterproof makeup but it takes all the face makeup off easily. doesnt sting my lips and eyes like the sukin one, and the smell is undetectable. <3 that it comes in a huge bottle. just go get it

21 March 2016

doesnt do anything

its a nice clay mask. after you put it on your skin feels soft, but it doesnt help like a normal good mask.
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