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User Reviews

15 February 2017

Great serum

This serum's gel like texture absorbs easily into my skin and its natural ingredients and is a huge plus as well. Over time of using it, my skin has gotten brighter and moisturised but I have yet seen my blemishes diminish with this. The only flaw would be it dropper applicator as it is hard to control the amount dispense and its not exactly a cheap serum. Overall I would purchase this again as I have yet found anything better to replace.

15 February 2017

Holy grail of all eye creams

By far the best eye creams I've used, even compared to high end brands. The consistency and texture of the cream is easily absorbs and did not cause any milia for me. Does a fantastic job at hydrating but i have yet to see its effect on softening my fine lines, but for its price, its done more than any other brands had done for me.

15 February 2017

Great cleanser to start the day

Love how its made with all natural ingredients and it does not strip away too much of my natural oils. I prefer using this to start the day due to its gentle formula for my sensitive, oily & acne-prone skin.
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