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User Reviews

28 June 2018

Breakout Galore

I love the way this scrub felt when using it. As long as you follow the instructions, the scrub is really good and your skin feels great afterwards. The only problem is this gave me the worst breakout I have ever had. My skin is a mess now. Do not recommend!

25 June 2018

Lovely tint

These gloss balms give a really nice tint of colour to the lips with enough gloss and shine to stay comfortable throughout wear. They're great for everyday wear and for something light to just throw on without thinking.

25 June 2018

Really nice everyday gloss

This is one of the best glosses on the market in terms of pigmentation, feel, and wear. There's enough pigmentation to wear alone but they also look nice over the top of other products. The formula isn't sticky or gloopy and wears evenly without gathering too badly on the inner rim or outside of lips. They also smell yummy!

25 June 2018

Easy silicone primer

This silicone-based primer is on the thicker side but it doesn't ball up and still spreads easily to fill in pores and wrinkles. It doesn't make makeup last much longer but it does smooth out the skin nicely. The added tint also prevents the primer from giving a noticeable white-cast to the skin.
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