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User Reviews

2 June 2018

Great lip product

I love this product, I have it in a purpley shade. The applicator is great, it applys great. You need to be a little careful to apply an even later. It says it’s a matte finish, I don’t really agree. It doesn’t dry down, so it’s more of a satin finish. It wears evenly & I love it.

2 June 2018

Not a bad lip product

I have two shades of this product, they apply beautifully, the formula is really creamy. But they do wear a little patchy over time. Also, I don’t really use the ‘blurring’ wax end of the stick, I just felt like it didn’t do much.

2 June 2018

Pretty good

This was my favourite mascara for a longtime. But I was switching it up so I stopped using it for a time. I bought a new one more recently & noticed it smudged on my under eye a fair bit, so now I’m a little disappointed. However the volume it gave my lashes was great, can be clumpy towards the 2 month mark though.

2 June 2018

Great for winter time

This hydrating primer is exactly what I like to use in winter, seeing as my skin can get very dry from the weather & the constant indoor heating. It helps my makeup to wear longer too, I e been very happy.
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