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Piksters SupaGRIP Flosspicks 50 pack

Piksters SupaGRIP Flosspicks 50 pack

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SupaGRIPs are a flosser and toothpick in one. High quality dental floss held in one end and a flexible ultrafine toothpick on the other.

More Product Information

The SupaGRIP flosser is a strong PTFE monofilament tape which will not shred or fray as it is made of a single filament, and not multiple strands. It gently cleans between teeth, even teeth that are in very tight contact because of the strong PTFE monofilament. Flosspicks are easy to use and less messy than using traditional floss.
SupaGRIP also has an ultrafine toothpick on one end - and it really works. It is thin enough to get in between teeth and can flex without breaking. The special plastic polymer teamed with PTFE tape is unique to SupaGRIP. The product is more environmentally friendly as it only uses half the plastic of many competitors but still provides a strong product with a decent grip, to ensure the user can twist, push and pull, and generally control the flosser far better.
Product Piksters SupaGRIP Flosspicks 50 pack
Category Dental Floss & Picks

Directions and Ingredients

  1. Place flosser end between teeth, gently lower towards the gum line, using sawing action.
  2. Do not use force the floss between the teeth as this could result in gum injury.
  3. The gum between the teeth is triangular shaped. Guide the floss down the tooth surface to the side of the gum triangle, until you feel a slight resistance from the gum.
  4. Next go back to the top of the gum triangle and repeat down the other side.
  5. Do not be concerned if gums bleed a little to begin with as this can occur if your gums are unhealthy. It will stop within a week or two if you continue using SupaGRIPS daily.

Warnings and Disclaimers

  • Storage pack provided.
  • Single use.

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