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Priceline Pharmacy Fitness Expert Steph Prem shows you the fastest (and most fun!) way to get fit. 


  • Instructions
  • High Knee



  • Squat Jump
  • Knee Tuck


  • Mountain Climbers
  • Reverse Crunch



Easy Food Swaps


When it comes to making healthy food choices, diabetics need to take even more care to help balance blood sugar levels and ensure peak health. These alternatives to everyday foods will help create mealtime harmony, so make the switch today.



If the salty flavour of potato chips is constantly on your mind, try making the switch to homemade popcorn instead. Opt for the healthy fat of coconut oil rather than margarine, topping it off with a good quality rock salt - like pink Himalayan - for added health benefits. Your salt cravings will be satisfied without the calories.



When it comes to fibre and protein, quinoa is the standout winner when compared to white rice. Plus, it keeps your blood sugar level more stable as it has a lower GI. With 150% more fibre and 100% more protein, making the switch is simple and effective. Cook your quinoa like you do rice - 1 cup of grain to 1.5 cups of water - and add it to salads, soups and casseroles.




If caesar salad is high on your lunch rotation, it’s time to make the switch from crunchy croutons to almonds instead. Why? Raw almonds boast twice the protein, 3 times the fibre and ⅓ of the carbs of croutons, leaving you fuller for longer and helping keep you regular.


Keep your blood sugar levels in check while getting the added benefit of fibre and essential vitamins by swapping white potato for vitamin A-packed sweet potatoes. If it’s fries you covet, try baking your sweet spuds instead of frying them for a healthier option.



Boxed cereal is often cooked at high temperatures, highly processed and contains plenty of added sugar. This leaves your blood sugar levels out of whack and often leads to cravings later in the day. Opt for whole oats - either cooked as porridge or eaten raw as muesli - instead, as eating fibre-rich oats for breakfast has been shown to help keep your blood glucose levels under control throughout the day.


The health implications of drinking sugary soft drinks are now widely known, making them a poor choice for diabetics, but there is a healthier alternative. Kombucha, the fermented, probiotic-rich tea drink taking the health world by storm, is believed to help boost your immune system, maintain gut flora and reduce inflammation - all things you want on the quest for peak health.