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Why we need VitaminsEver wondered if you should be taking vitamins? A huge 63% of women report to have poor nutrition with one in five also eating irregular meals. 82% of women also don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables÷. As busy women, it’s near on impossible to meet all the recommended daily intakes of every food group. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are there to fill the gap where you aren’t getting your quota from food.


If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, there are vitamins that help ensure you have all the right nutrients. To figure out which vitamins you should be taking, speak to your Priceline Pharmacist or GP. Alternatively start with a Multi-vitamin that will cover a lot of different requirements and work your way from there.


÷Priceline Pharmacy Health Tracker, survey results from 103,000 women Sept 2015 – May 2016.




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Vitamin Groups Explained:


 Vitamin A  Vitamin B  Vitamin C  Vitamin D  Vitamin E  Vitamin K