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Top Tips for staying well while travelling


Whether you’re hitting the slopes or escaping to the sunshine, make sure you check in with your local Priceline Pharmacist before you travel.  As well as providing travel vaccines*, your Pharmacist can help you find travel necessities in store – think hand sanitiser, insect repellent, sunscreen, and motion sickness tablets.


1. Be prepared

Are you travelling somewhere that needs a vaccination? Check in with your GP or Pharmacist to see what vaccinations or medications might be required for the area you are travelling to.


2. Fill your prescriptions

Make sure you have an adequate supply of your regular medications, with the label and instructions on the box. Last minute trips to an overseas doctor can be time-consuming and costly!


3. Stock up

Consider all the items you might need such as probiotics, sunscreens, rehydration products, and a basic first aid kit. It’s easier to get these before you travel, rather than when you’re already on-the-go.