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Winter Exercise Tips


Top 5 tips for exercising this winter with Steph Prem.


1. The Couch is a motivation killer!

Don't settle on your couch until you've completed your workout for the day. It's an instant motivation killer! Keep your workout gear at work and go straight from work to the gym or your spin class. If you get home and can’t find the motivation to leave the house again because its dark and cold outside, opt for an at home workout instead. Download a fitness app or watch a YouTube HIIT or yoga workout to keep you motivated.


2. Get a buddy

A fitness buddy keeps you accountable, goal orientated and motivated. Take it in turns creating workouts for each other or book Pilates and yoga classes together to stay accountable and fit all winter long.


3. Try new things

“Try different styles exercise – keep your body guessing. Be creative and try different class styles to keep you motivated through winter. Stay challenged, inspired (and warm) by trying indoor classes like dance, a new yoga style, spin or that barre class you keep saying you’ll do!


4. Don’t binge exercise!

30 mins of daily exercise/movement is more effective than hitting the snooze button all week, then binge exercising on the weekend and killing yourself. Just like the 80/20 rule applies to food this also applies to your exercise! (80 is the focus guys!)


5. 15 mins to a happier you.

Fifteen minutes of daily, healthy self-empowerment practice is key to success. No phone, no company, no pressure; just you, your iPod and some juicy self-time to indulge in a stretch, meditate, listen to some positive affirmations or foam roll the stress out of your body. Personally, I know I’m a better person when I dedicate more time to looking after myself, I’m better to those around me. You need to exercise your mind just as much you do your body so dedicated alone time and healthy mindset practice is important.



 Words by Steph Prem image under license via