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Steph Prem's Top 5 Exercises


Wanting to keep our fitness routine fresh and exciting, we asked Steph Prem for her top 5 exercises 


Juicy Roll Ups

Start in seated position up on your sit bones with hands raised high. Roll back through your belly button, tuck and engage your bum and then push your ribcage back to the mat with control until you are lying flat. Lift your arms above your head and exhale, then bring yourself back up to sitting with arms above you. Keep your feet on the ground at all times. To adjust this exercise and make it easier start with a bent knee.

Super Charged Crunches x2 sets of 10

Lie on your back with legs in table top and toes pointed. Place an exercise ball (or a cushion) between your knees and begin to squeeze the knees together. Remember to engage your core and focus on your breathing, exhaling as you squeeze. After 5 quality squeezes grab the ball and exhale as you extend your legs and reach with the ball to your toes into a crunch.


Side Plank Pumps x3 sets

Lie on your side and bring your bottom arm under your shoulder, resting on your forearm. Lift up your hips so your body is straight from shoulders to ankles. Now drop your hips back down to the mat (or almost to) and exhale back to side plank position. Keep ‘pumping’ your hips up and down with control for 20 pulses. Repeat on the other side.


Pistol Squat

With arms postioned above your head and feet together jump into a squat position with legs slightly wider than hip width apart. Squat and reach towards inside of your ankles whilst maintaining and straight back. Jump back up into starting position to repeat.




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