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How Four of Australia’s Favourite Health Gurus Prepped For Their Wedding

When you’re one of Australia’s foremost activists for health and wellbeing it’s safe to say your wedding day preparation should be on point, right? From yoga to meditation, clean eating to spiritual healers, we discover how these health gurus got ready to say ‘I do’.


Emma Seibold - Founder of Barre Body


Emma Seibold


As the owner and founder of eight (and counting!) hugely successful barre studios it’s safe to say Seibold didn’t need too much help training for her wedding day. “I am a pretty consistent exerciser so it was much the same as usual (Barre Body 2-3 times per week and 1-2 yoga sessions), but I would definitely say that I was more committed than usual and far less likely to miss a day because I didn't feel like it. It's amazing what the right motivation can help you achieve. Visualising the day encouraged me to be really consistent with my workouts,” she says.  


As for her diet, Seibold continued with her holistic approach to food, but cut down on ‘treats’ to ensure she was feeling her best come the big day. Her advice? “Don't try to lose weight. Let go and enjoy the lead up to the wedding. Exercise and eat well to feel good workout being too attached to the outcome and you will get a better result as well as enjoy the process more.”


When it came to the stress involved in planning, Seibold learned the hard way that things often didn’t go to plan, so took a low-key approach for her wedding day. “I didn't plan very much at all! Compared to the birth of my first child where all plans of a magically "om-ing" waterbirth went out the window when I had an emergency c-section, I had a very low ideal /standard of what I would consider a success on the day. As long as my husband-to-be turned up and there were two witnesses and we all signed on the dotted line, that was a win for me! The more I let go, the more I enjoyed the experience,” she shares.



Melissa Ambrosini - Best-Selling Author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Speaker, Self-Love Activist


melissa ambrosini


For her pre-wedding prep, Ambrosini took an inspiring ‘leave all excess baggage at the door’ approach.


“Most people, in the lead up to their wedding, do a lot of work on themselves. And by that, I mean they hire a personal trainer, flog the shit out of their bodies and go on crazy-restrictive fad diets. But not me."

“As soon as I was engaged, I knew I wanted to get myself in shape, but not that sort of shape. I wanted to pump up my inner work to make sure that when I was walking down that aisle I was in the best possible spiritual and energetic place I could be."


“So, being the total wellness nerd that I am, I committed to seeing an amazing energetic body worker (that title doesn’t even do him justice) named Abrar. He worked with me on releasing my emotional blockages, my leftover baggage, and any lingering beliefs that were weighing me down. So basically, anything that was keeping me stuck in the past and not in the here and now."


“I have been doing a lot of work on myself for years now, and have let go of loads of crap already. But I’m not perfect, and it’s always an ongoing process. So I really wanted to delve deeper and make sure that I wasn’t unwittingly bringing any of my old crap into my marriage,” she reveals.


In terms of food and fitness, Ambrosini didn’t have to change much, continuing to nourish her body to the best of her ability by eating organic fresh whole foods, drinking clean water and moving her body in a loving way through training, yoga, pilates and walking. Her ebook, The Glow Kitchen, shares her food philosophy as well as seriously yummy recipes for glowing, radiant skin and bounce-out-of-bed energy.


So what’s her advice to you? “Master your Mean Girl otherwise you are going to have a tumultuous ride. Also only work on your wedding when you are in a calm and relaxed state. That way, every time you do something related to the wedding you will be putting good energy into it. And most of all, be in the moment. Stare into your man’s eyes, breathe deeply, and feel your feet grounded and supporting you. This is the best way to stay present and soak up all the magic in the moment.”



Claire Obeid - Mind, Body, Soul Coach


Claire Obeid


As a certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher, Obeid used her arsenal of self-help tools to make the lead up to her wedding as stress free as possible. This meant daily yoga and meditation sessions, regular walks, clean eating and channelling positivity.


"I preferred to channel my energy into feel light, positive, calm rather than creating stress and anxiety over how I looked. So I maintained my daily yoga practice and regular walks. This kept me in the best mind frame, and feeling strong, flexible and fit in my body.


“I made sure my diet was clean - lots of fresh produce, greens, wholefoods and completely cut out sugar leading a month or so out,” she says.


Another tool she embraced was journalling, claiming it helped shift feelings of doubt, frustration and stress around her big day.


So what’s her ultimate advice for brides-to-be? “Don't complicate it. Be clear about what you need to organise and give yourself lots of space to get through the planning - tick things off your list and don't over think it.


“And when it comes to your health, movement and body image, remember you want to feel amazing in body and mind. So move your body, breathe, eat clean and focusing on being YOU, not anyone else on the big day.


“If you want to get fit, use your wedding to motivate you but make a long term commitment to stick with it post wedding. Love and respect yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle in mind and body for the long haul! You are so worth it,” she says.



Jessica Sepel - Nutritionist, Health Blogger and Wellness Coach


Jessica Sepel


Activity is a part of Sepel’s everyday life, so starting a specific training program before her big day wasn’t really necessary. She did, however, look for variation. “I chose to focus on movement every day, rather than a specific fitness or health routine. This included 2x barre classes, 2x yoga classes, 2x 30-minute weight training sessions and 1-2 days rest/nature walk per week. By keeping things varied, allowing for less intense exercise and rest days between other more active classes, I was able to stay motivated without exhausting my body before the big day,” she says.


When it came to her diet the nutritionist knew exactly what her body needed in order to look and feel its best, but it’s not about strict diets and deprivation. “I don’t believe in the diet mentality. Instead, I focus on eating as many nutrient-dense, nourishing wholefoods as possible, without restriction or deprivation. By eating these wholefoods you can provide your body with much-needed nutrients for energy, hormone regulation and cell regeneration. I truly believe wellness and a healthy glow comes from the inside out. I was sure to add more dark, leafy greens and veggies to my plate as well as choosing a good quality, organically sourced protein each meal. I also chose to embrace and enjoy good fats like avocado, salmon, nuts and seeds in moderation – so good for skin and hair health!


“I cut out refined sugars, found in a lot of unprocessed foods, since it can cause an inflammatory response in the body and can lead to unbalanced blood sugar levels, skin breakouts and energy level spikes and drops. I would use a little maple syrup or stevia in baking or cooking – or opted to cut it out altogether by increasing my protein and healthy fat intake at each meal,” explains Sepel. 


In dealing with the stress associated with planning a wedding, the social media star opted to limit her screen time and practice yoga. “Yoga really helped me cope with the planning/anxiety around the wedding. I also set up social media boundaries – where I would switch off my phone and computer by 7-8pm every single night. I also tried to be on social media less. I love using Sundays as my social media free day,” she says.


And what advice does she have for other brides-to-be? Eat well, sleep and don’t even think about trying to be ‘perfect’, saying “as a bride-to-be you can feel enormous pressure to look and feel perfect for the special day – I still feel this. But I also know that the complicated relationship with food that results from this doesn’t help me or make my body feel good. Healthy eating is the key to healthy and happy living. If you know you are taking care of your body and giving it what it needs, it is so good to you in return. Don’t try to look or eat perfect – eat in tune with your body and I promise you will see results. Most importantly, you will feel the best you ever had.


“Our relationship with food has a huge impact on our emotional and physical health – and the relationship we have with everyone around us too. I choose to have a balanced relationship with food so that I can focus my energy on the relationships that really matter.”



Words by Yasemin Trollope, images used under permission from health bloggers used in this story.

Yasemin Trollope is a health and beauty expert with over 10 years of experience in print and online media. She’s studied at IIN and believes that true health comes from listening to your body’s needs rather than following a script. Currently pregnant with her second child, she embraces wholefoods while occasionally indulging in Gelato Messina. Because life is about balance, right? You can follow her on Instagram @yaz_trollope

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