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Five Healthy Ways to Prep for Summer

Healthy ways to prep for summerYour winter coats are packed away and you’re ready to embrace the sunny season, but there’s one small problem - you’re not quite bikini ready yet. These five simple tips will help shred any sneaky winter weight gain, so you’re looking healthy and feeling happy come summer.


Embrace the longer days


Extended daylight hours can work in your favour whether you’re an early bird or night owl, so use them. Schedule in workout sessions either before or after hours, use the extra time to meditate and catch up with friends by going for a walk. Making the most of your day in a positive way won’t just help your waistline, it’s sure to help your mood too.


Head outdoors


Sunshine and warmer weather call for outdoor activities that you tend to shy away from in winter. Think: stand-up paddle boarding; beach yoga; bushwalks and mountain biking. Studies show spending time outdoors increases your vitamin D levels - a huge bonus with epidemiologic studies suggesting vitamin D may have protective effects against everything from osteoporosis to cancer to depression to heart attacks and stroke - as well as gets you moving more, improves happiness levels and creates greater concentration.


Eat seasonal fare


Summer is the time when fruit and vegetables are in abundance, so make the most of them by eating light, fresh, healthy meals like salads and smoothies. Why bother? Seasonal eating is shown to have many draw cards, including improved taste, cheaper prices, great nutritional value and, if bought straight from the farmer’s market, a sense of community.


Strip down


If you’re lacking the confidence or motivation you need to get bikini ready it might be time to strip down and start getting comfortable with the skin you’re in. How? Clean the house, cook dinner, watch TV and go about your general day-to-day home activities in your underwear or bikini. The more you see yourself the easier it is to accept (and love!) the way you are, as well as gain motivation to tone, tighten or trim down if you feel that’s what you need.


Drink up!


Water helps carry nutrients around your body while also detoxifying, so it’s imperative you’re getting enough. Factors like caffeine consumption and sweat both require you to up your water intake, and if you’re feeling thirsty it means you’re already dehydrated, so stick to drinking around eight glasses a day if you can. Another note about water: many people confuse hunger for thirst, so next time you get that empty feeling in your tummy between meals have two glasses of water before reaching for a snack. If you’re looking to spice up your H2O, try infusing it with lemon and mint, or drinking fresh coconut water instead. 


Words by Yasemin Trollope, image used under license of