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This user-friendly, interactive calculator is intended for use by women who have not had breast or ovarian cancer. It will help you to gain a good understanding of your level of risk for breast cancer compared to another woman in your age group. The questions in this calculator include the most important risk factors for breast cancer based on a review of international evidence.


The calculator only takes a few minutes to complete, and the relevant risk factor is explained at each stage.


It is important to remember that the results of this calculator are not a guarantee of your risk levels, and that all women are at risk for breast cancer, no matter what their risk category. Some women at increased risk never develop breast cancer, and some women at low risk may develop the disease.


This resource is 5 years or older. It includes data or research findings at an earlier point in time and is available to the public for research and reference purposes.

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Your risk and breast cancer is not intended to provide medical advice, nor to replace medical examinations or the advice or diagnosis of a doctor or health professional.


Your risk and breast cancer cannot predict if you will develop breast cancer. It estimates your risk based on evidence derived from large-scale studies on breast cancer and the information provided by you, and provides tips for reducing risk based on evidence provided by high-quality research. However, your health is affected by many other factors.


The information provided in Your risk and breast cancer is intended for educational and reference purposes only and does not contain comprehensive information about all risk factors for breast cancer.


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