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We believe sexual wellbeing
is a natural and healthy part of life for Australian women.


Chantelle Otten

Introducing Chantelle Otten, Priceline Pharmacy's Sexual Health and Relationship Expert.

Chantelle Otten is an internationally educated Sexologist and Sex and Relationship Expert from Melbourne, Australia.


Chantelle and Priceline Pharmacy are collaborating to ensure that Australian women have access to sexuality and relationship support. While working together to make the experience luxurious and accessible, normalising sexual wellbeing products and reframing them as a natural and normal part of their health.


Together we will share the benefits of sexuality with our readers and how our intimate wellbeing products can improve overall health, backed up by scientific facts. Together we want to encourage sexual empowerment and help improve communication around sexuality for Australia couples.





The Statistics 



Sexual Statistics in Australia

60% of women have reported that they have experienced one or more sexual problems.  Sexual problems mean not being able to enjoy sex, which causes distress for the individual (Jean Hailes, 2016)


Sexual Statistics in Australia

Health professionals reported family violence, followed by painful sex and sexual health problems as health topics that their female patients found difficult to discuss (Jean Hailes, 2016)


Sexual Statistics in Australia

Chantelle believes that penetration is not the aim of sexual experiences. We must focus on the journey, not the destination. Hence vibrators are an excellent pleasure option (ASHR, 2013)




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