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The government has increased script pricing to $5.40* effective from 1st January, 2018, inclusive of the $1 pension discount. Our friendly team would love to help you with free health checks, managing your scripts and more. Plus if you're short on time, ask our team about our express script service.


Did you know, we pass on the Full $1 PENSION DISCOUNT ON PRESCRIPTIONS?


Q: What will be the actual price to the customers?

A: As you know the government increases the amount that you pay for PBS subsidised prescriptions every year. The 2018 concession amount is $6.40, therefore with the Priceline Pharmacy pension discount, you will pay $5.40


Q: What do I need to do to receive the $1 discount?

A: You do not have to do anything. We will ensure you receive the FULL $1 discount automatically.


Q: Will I end up paying more to reach my prescription safety net?

A: Not only do you get to take advantage of receiving $1 cheaper pension and concession medicines, you will end up paying the same amount to reach your safety net.


Q: Will my scripts be the same price at every pharmacy?

A: This is a government initiative, and as this discount is not compulsory, some pharmacies may choose not to pass on all of the discount and some may not pass on the discount at all.


Q: Why are we passing on the FULL $1 discount?

A: We understand medicines can sometimes be financially out of reach for some – this is our contribution to make medicines more affordable for many Australians.


Q: What if I am not a pension or concession patient?

A: We have been, and will continue to be, price competitive on ALL of our prescriptions prices.






*$1 off from January 1st, 2018 or as decided by the government. Discount only applies to PBS subsidised prescriptions for concession card holders based on government determined price. A prescription is required for these products. Customers must always read the label and seek professional medical advice if conditions persist. Concession card holders will pay the discounted concession amount $5.40, except where medicines attract a brand or therapeutic price premium. Click here to see the list of participating stores.