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Program Summary: Weight Management


C’mon get healthy! Set up a Priceline Pharmacy Health Tracker profile and take part in our specially developed Sister Club exclusive 12-week health programs, designed to help build a healthier you. With the Priceline Pharmacy Health Tracker, you can work towards a goal that’s close to everyone’s heart – optimum health!


This is just a taste of our 12-week Weight Management program.


Fat loss, not weight loss

It’s time to learn the fundamentals of healthy diet and get motivated.


The first step in your journey will be identifying your motivation. Whether it’s to prevent long term conditions, cut down on the junk food, or simply to feel healthier, knowing your motivation will help keep you on track. From your motivation we can create some goals.


We’ll undertake a kitchen health check to identify things that have to go, and what to keep stocked up on.


Getting support and identifying barriers

Engaging your support network and discovering your triggers can really help your progress.

Remember that you’re never on this journey alone. Whether its friends and colleagues, or close family, we’ll learn to identify your support network and tap into it.

Get active and avoid common mistakes

From inactivity to alcohol, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to weight management.

We’ll be tackling exercise. The first step is to count your steps! We’ll be focusing on incidental activity first – the things you do during the day like walking and climbing stairs – it all adds up!

We’ll also be looking at the importance of cardio and resistance exercise, and the task for the week will be to come up with an exercise plan.

Dieting Myths and Thinking Positively

Learning to avoid the hidden enemies in your food, and keeping a positive mindset.

Snacking isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and ‘healthy snacking’ may seem easy; but we’ll discuss looking out for the less obvious pitfalls, like the hidden sugars in flavoured drinks.

Sleep and Stress

Weight management is about more than just diet. Sleeping properly and keeping stress down are equally important.

Reflect and Plan Ahead

Looking back at your goals, how did you do? What do you do next?

We’ll be focusing on the things that have gone well and how we can improve where things haven’t been as smooth.

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“Start small. Commit to one healthy change like walking the dog around the block every evening, and this will inevitably lead to another change - mainly because it will feel so good!”


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