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Program Summary: Stress


C’mon get healthy! Set up a Priceline Pharmacy Health Tracker profile and take part in our specially developed Sister Club exclusive 12-week health programs, designed to help build a healthier you. With the Priceline Pharmacy Health Tracker, you can work towards a goal that’s close to everyone’s heart – optimum health!


This is just a taste of our 12-week Stress Management program.


Identifying and Demystifying Stress

The first step to combating stress is to recognise and understand the sources of your personal stress.


We’ll also take a look at some simple stress busting techniques to get you started, and find out what other people do when they start to feel stress build up.


Understanding Resilience and Preparation

What is resilience and what part does it play in stress? How does physical state affect stress?


Our resilience audit will help you identify what causes you stress, and how you respond when faced with it.


Fighting stress involves a holistic look at your lifestyle. We will introduce a review of how diet and sleep play a part in your ability to cope with everyday stresses. You’ll learn which vitamins and minerals can help you build a stronger, more resilient mind, and why a good night’s sleep isn’t just to keep you looking beautiful.


Help Is On It’s Way

From setting goals to engaging your support network, we’ll look at the ways you can get support.


Facing stress alone can be hard. Finding help and support from friends, family or colleagues will give you the extra incentive to help you remain resilient.


Time Management and Mindfulness

Life is full of competing demands, looming deadlines, and unrealistic deadlines. We’ll focus on how to prioritise, how to divide up your time, and learning to identify the things that waste your time.


Along with time management there will be tips for improving your workspace, and making it a stress-reducing environment!


Assertiveness and Positive Thinking

At work and at home, it’s not always easy to find compromise. But staying positive can help you through.


Keeping The Momentum

Towards the end of your stress and resilience program it’s time to look back upon the journey and celebrate the achievements you’ve made.


We’ll look to the future and give tips on how to continue to set and achieve goals, and to remain resilient in the face of stress.


To finish off we’ll look at tips to nip stress in the bud, and how to manage people’s expectations in order to keep your load manageable.


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“Learn to understand what and who creates positive emotions for you and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.”


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