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Program Summary: Sleep


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This is just a taste of our 12-week Sleep program.


Basics of Sleep and Dreaming

Getting a full night’s sleep can be tough, but before we start to work on perfecting those sweet dreams, we’ll take a closer look at sleep.


How much do we need? What happens when we fall asleep? What happens when we don’t get enough? What are some common sleep issues?


We’ll also take a look at the mysterious world of dreaming. We’ll dispel some of the myths about it and discuss how it affects memory, and keeping an eye out for the signs of distressed sleep.


Burning the candle at both ends

Whether you have children, or just a busy life, finding a balance that allows you the greatest quality of sleep can be tricky.


Sleep hygiene and stress

Most people don’t practice good sleep hygiene, but many more don’t know what they should be doing.


Do you use your phone in bed? Drink caffeine or exercise 2 hours before bed? Do you have a regular bed time set? All these things contribute to your sleep hygiene, and greatly impact the quality of your sleep.


Relaxation Techniques for Better Sleep

Many people suffer from disturbed sleep, so let’s take a look at common sleeping habits and the issues that affect them.


Breaking Bad Habits

Sleep is a fragile thing, affected by a vast array of different lifestyle behaviours and factors, so we’ll look at whether napping is a good idea and how to readjust your body clock.

Beyond that we’ll discuss the effects of alcohol, recreational drugs and even television, and how they can disrupt your natural need for sleep.

Environment and Moving Forward

A good night’s sleep is only as good as your bedroom you’re sleeping in. We’ll look at how to create the perfect nocturnal environment.

Additionally we’ll look at a few different treats to spoil yourself whilst you sleep, and places you can go for support when you struggle.

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“I get up at the same time every day and take a walk. The morning light puts melatonin, the sleep hormone, to rest and sets the body clock for the rest of the day.”


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