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Program Summary: Healthy Ageing


C’mon get healthy! Set up a Priceline Pharmacy Health Tracker profile and take part in our specially developed Sister Club exclusive 12-week health programs, designed to help build a healthier you. With the Priceline Pharmacy Health Tracker, you can work towards a goal that’s close to everyone’s heart – optimum health!


This is just a taste of our 12-week Healthy Ageing (Vitality) program.


How Healthy Are You?

To kick start your vitality program we’ll be looking at where you are now.


What’s your blood pressure, cholesterol and waist circumference and how does that compare to what’s ideal for you?


Love Your Healthy Heart

You might be gym-crazy or the gym might drive you crazy, exercise is still crucial throughout your life for keeping fit and healthy.


We’ll look at exercises for men and women, what exercise will help most with weight loss, and how exactly to begin forming new active habits.


Cancer and Keeping Your Brain Fit

Whilst cancer rates in Australia have increased dramatically since 1980, mortality rates have dropped. We’re better at beating cancer than ever and it all begins with lifestyle behaviours.


Depression, Loneliness, and Bone Health

We’ll be focusing on depression and loneliness, recognising the symptoms, discussing how to beat it, and where you can go for support with your mental health.


We’ll also look at more ways to protect your mental health through diet, exercise, and our 5 simple steps for boosting your happiness.


Sleep, eye, ear, and skin health

Everyone loves a snooze, and we’ll be covering the best ways to improve your attitude and environment to ensure a healthy night’s sleep.


Most people don’t sleep properly, regularly experiencing disturbed sleep or insomnia. We’ll look at how stress, diet and ageing all play a part in our nocturnal habits.


Look good, feel good, live longer

As we near the end of the program we’ll be talking about other lifestyle aspects to consider, including alcohol, self-esteem and safety in the sunshine.


The changes you’ll make will become routine, and in the last few days we’ll focus on how to overcome setbacks, and keep the momentum.


Don’t wait and take control of your health now with our FREE online Health Tracker.





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“These days, we don’t just want to prevent illness. We want to feel stronger, live longer, and squeeze every last drop out of life.”


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