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Magnetic Therapy


Magnetic therapy is an alternative therapy used to manage pain. It is also referred to as magnetic field therapy or bioenergy therapy. Proponents of the therapy believe that it can reduce pain caused by arthritis, head aches, migraines and stress, as well as improve blood circulation, decrease acidity levels in the body and alter neural impulses.  Various products that are often marketed for pain relief include magnetic bracelets, shoe insoles, bandages and mattress covers.      


How it works  

Magnets of various strengths and sizes are placed on the body. They are thought to reduce pain by altering the body’s electromagnetic impulses. Magnetic therapy came into popularity in the 1970’s when researcher Albert Roy Davis discovered that positive and negative magnetic fields could affect human biological processes.      



To date there has been little merit shown for its use in pain management. There have been a number of relatively minor studies conducted, showing conflicting results. Some experts believe that magnetic therapy works purely psychologically; by believing that it will reduce your pain it alters the brains pain response.      



Whether there is science behind it or whether it just works psychologically, magnetic therapy is considered safe, so there’s no harm in giving it a go.  However, remember that pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, so make sure that you speak to your Health Care Professional about the pain first.  It is also advisable to tell your health care professional of any alternative therapies that you are involved in. Those with pace makers and other similar devices should take care as magnets can interfere with their functioning.      



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