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Sarah Laidlaw
We sat down with our new Makeup Director  Sarah Laidlaw to find out what she loves about her work as well as some tips and tricks! 

Sarah Laidlaw


How long have you been a makeup artist for?

I started doing makeup about 23 years ago and haven’t stopped! I’ve worked across editorial fashion, film, television and bridal and learned different makeup skills from each industry. My main focus these days is editorial fashion, fashion advertising and event makeup.


What inspired you to work in beauty?

I had just finished my hairdressing apprenticeship and was working on set shooting fashion images. I was fascinated by how transformative makeup was on set and wanted to learn it for myself.


What is your all-time favourite makeup trend?

Trends often become my favourite based on how many people look good wearing it… it’s fun to have a trend for an extreme look but if it makes most people look horrid then it’s no use! My current favourite is that everyone is wearing eyelashes again! I love them and how pretty they can make someone, even without any other makeup.


What is your all-time favourite makeup product?

I just couldn’t choose. I think every brand does something brilliantly… and I love so many products for different reasons… but the most can’t-live-without products for me are mascara, lash curlers and a good primer.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I think I’d have to say Paris (but only if I was very rich… I think Paris on a budget isn’t so fun). Having said that though, Australia is the most perfect place to live. There is no comparison to the combination of our lifestyle, beaches, fresh produce, humour and weather.


Why do you love Priceline Pharmacy?

I Love that I can find everything I need for my kit in Priceline. From skincare to nail colours, to so many different brands of makeup! It’s like a one stop smorgasbord of options.



Matte VS gloss?

Ooohhhhh…. both! Matte is so perfect for certain eye shapes, skin textures and ages… whereas gloss is so fun and pretty to play with. I adore using both textures on the one face


If you could only choose one makeup product to leave the house with, what would it be? 

If I had to choose only one, it would have to be concealer. it is the holy grail of looking awake, brightened and better than reality.

How many fashion festivals have you worked at?

I’ve worked on VAMFF for the last 10 years. I missed one year in there somewhere, but I’ve pretty much been a permanent fixture at the makeup mirrors for a decade.


What is your favourite fashion and beauty combo and why do you think they work so well together? 

 I always love an extreme fashion moment. Couture, a gown, leather and feathers! So i think my favourite combo would be an incredible outfit with simple makeup and a fabulous false lash.




Tips & Tricks




Most of us sweep concealer to the entire under eye area, but to really conceal bags then use a lighter colour concealer in the actual tear duct crease (to make the dip appear shallower) and use a slightly darker concealer on the puffy area (to make the rounded puffy area look flatter).


If you want to get a real kick out if the pigment in a powder eyeshadow, try colouring in your eyelid with a white eyeliner before pressing the eyeshadow over it.


for a more soft-focus version of the winged eyeliner, use a short angular brush and a brown or charcoal eyeshadow to create the winged shape.


Make sure your primer compliments your foundation. They should share the same base otherwise they will repel each other and slide off the skin, making it hard to blend.


Any shimmery or metallic makeup product will accentuate fine lines, wrinkles, creepy lids and open pores. Go for matte eyeshadows and cheek colours.


use a darker colour on the outside corners and a lighter colour in the centre of your lips to make them look fuller and more pouty. Blend well.




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Kenneth Stoddart


Kenneth give us some tips and tricks to get us through the hottest trends this season. 


Kenneth Stoddart


Tips & Tricks


1. Use a finishing cream to bring out natural texture, add shine and seal the hair’s cuticle


2. Cross over your bobby pins for a more secure hold


3. Spray hairspray onto your hand first and smooth over the hair to control frizz


4. If your hair ‘looks right’ in the mirror, then it is right!


5. Adjust the heat setting on your hot tools based on your hair texture so as not to burn and take the shine off the hair


6. Read the label on the products to find out whether they are styling products or finishing products


7. Using a nozzle on your hair dryer will help concentrate the airflow towards the section that you are drying and stop blowing the surrounding hair


8. Using a diffuser on your hair dryer will soften the air- flow and add heat, which in turn will make your curls contract instead of frizzing



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